Mother's Day Blooms: Gift Ideas to Honour Mom

Published: Tuesday 2 April 2024

Mother's Day Blooms: Gift Ideas to Honour Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and now is the time to start brainstorming gift ideas for mum. You can never go wrong with flowers! They are a universal gift that conveys love to the recipient, something we all want our mum to feel on her special day. Read on for the best flowers to give your mum for a stand out Mother's day bouquet this year. 
What are the Best Happy Mother's Day Flowers?
Which flowers should you be considering as part of your Mother’s day arrangement this year? These are some of the best blooms that will encapsulate how you appreciate everything your mother has done for you. 

  • Roses: While often considered the most romantic of flowers, roses can also symbolise gratitude. This is most reflected in pink roses to express appreciation and thanks, sentiments that are amplified on Mother’s Day as we appreciate what our maternal figures have done for us.
    Carnations: Traditionally associated with Mother's Day, carnations symbolise a mother's eternal love, making it more than befitting of the day. 
  • Orchids: These exotic looking flowers symbolise beauty and strength, a fitting tribute to a mother's enduring love and grace. Orchids, with their delicate yet striking appearance, perfectly encapsulate the balance between elegance and resilience, mirroring the qualities often seen in motherhood. 
  • Peonies: Symbolising prosperity, good fortune, and a happy life, peonies are luxurious and often used to wish someone joy and peace, making it perfect to give your mother. 
  • Chrysanthemums: In many cultures, chrysanthemums are a symbol of motherhood. Their full blossoms can represent abundance and joy in a mother's life. Gifting chrysanthemums on Mother's Day is a gesture that celebrates and honours the abundant love, strength, and care that mothers provide, making it a particularly poignant and fitting choice for this special occasion.

The Best Flowers for Mother This Year

Now that we’ve established the best Mother’s Day flowers to give her this year, let’s have a look at some of our fresh bouquets which feature these stunning blooms.

Sheaf Bouquet Of Pink Flowers

If your mother is drawn to all things hot pink, then she will love this bold bouquet. This Sheaf Bouquet Of Pink Flowers features an overflow of pink roses and disbud chrysanthemums amongst foliage, this one truly encapsulates the Mother’s Day spirit. 



Jo - Pastel Pink Flower Box

Want to depart from the traditional vase or bouquet? Including pink carnations and roses. Our Pastel Pink Flower Box is easy to carry with its large handle and presents a unique twist from the typical bouquet. 



Chanel Vase Arrangement

If your mother is the type of lady who likes to live lavishly then you must consider the Chanel Vase Arrangement. With two types of orchids. Roses, carnations and other blooms, they all come together to create a layered, glamorous  arrangement. 



Mia Bouquet

If you want a slight departure from pinks, then you may like what the Mia Bouquet has to offer. Deep red roses and blush pink, almost white roses are accompanied by rich foliage. With sprigs of berries interspersed throughout, this bouquet does not skip out on the small details that make it pop. 



Best Mum Hamper

Your mum may not be a flower enthusiast, and that’s where our hampers come in! Our Best Mum hamper is soft and sentimental. In a sleek white suitcase is an adorable teddy bear, Ecoya Red Berry & Peony diffuser and an eternal rose kept in a glass case. It is the perfect option for mums who aren’t too keen on maintaining the longevity of their blooms, and who have an affinity for other heartwarming gifts. 


Honey Autumnal Bouquet

In Australia, Mother’s Day falls in Autumn, so you may want to get a Mother's Day bouquet that reflects this. The Honey Autumnal Bouquet has a combination of roses, lisianthus, anthuriums and seasonals in soft Autumnal hues, making it a bouquet that reflects the beauty of the day and Season. 



Beyond the Mother's Day Bouquet

You don’t just have to stop at the Mother's Day flowers. Why not add a little something special to your bouquet? Small gifts you can include are chocolate, teddy bears, wine, tea, balloons or vases. These small gifts will add an extra personalised touch to your arrangement as you select one that best reflects your Mother’s interests. 

Don’t forget to add a card to your bouquet! Flowers and gifts are sweet, but they are made even more special with words written from the heart, expressing your love for your mother. 

Mother's Day Flowers to Wow Her

Impress your mother this year with a stunning bouquet. We hope you have found inspiration through our favourite picks, and ways to elevate your bouquet even more! We hope you get to enjoy a lovely weekend with the special maternal figure in your life.

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