Chinese New Year Flowers

Welcome to our vibrant collection of Chinese New Year Flowers, an exquisite selection specially curated to celebrate the Lunar New Year with splendour and symbolism. Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a time of renewal and joy, and what better way to embrace this festivity than with flowers that symbolise prosperity, luck, and happiness.

Each flower in our collection is handpicked for its quality and significance, ensuring that your celebration is not only visually stunning but also rich in cultural meaning. Let these Chinese New Year flowers bring a burst of colour and good fortune to your home or office as you welcome the Lunar New Year with open arms and a hopeful heart. 

Chinese New Year Floral Pieces to Impress

Chinese New Year, a festival steeped in tradition and symbolism, celebrates the onset of spring with specific flowers that embody prosperity, good fortune, and new beginnings. Key among them is the Plum Blossom, revered for its resilience and renewal, often blooming amidst snow, symbolising perseverance. The Peony, known as the "king of flowers," represents wealth, luck, and honour. Chrysanthemums are another favourite, symbolising longevity and rejuvenation. Orchids are valued for their elegance and are believed to bring fertility and abundance. Kumquat trees also play a significant role, with their golden fruits symbolising wealth and good luck. These Chinese New Year plants and flowers are integral to the festivity, enhancing the celebratory mood with their colours and meanings.

Why Order Chinese Lunar New Year Flowers?

In the context of Chinese New Year celebrations, flowers are not just adornments but integral symbols of hope, prosperity, and renewal. As families and communities gather to ring in the Lunar New Year, these blooms serve as vivid reminders of the cycle of life and the fresh beginnings that the festival heralds. Chinese New Year floral arrangements, with their unique symbolism, are carefully chosen to attract good luck, wealth, and positive energy into homes and businesses. They are an essential part of the decor, creating a festive, joyful atmosphere. 

Additionally, presenting these flowers as gifts during New Year visits is a culturally significant gesture, expressing respect and good wishes for the year ahead. In essence, Chinese New Year flowers are a vital component of the celebrations, intertwining natural beauty with cultural significance and fostering a sense of communal prosperity and optimism.

Chinese New Year Flower Delivery with Lillypad

With Lillypad, you can easily send flowers across Melbourne and across Australia through our network of Interflora florists.
For a smooth and successful Chinese New Year flower delivery, it's crucial to verify that the recipient will be present at the delivery address before you place your order. In Australia, we guarantee same-day delivery for orders placed online by 2pm on weekdays, and by 10am for Saturday deliveries. Please note that we do not offer Sunday deliveries, except when Valentine's Day or Mother's Day falls on a Sunday. This ensures your Chinese New Year flower gift arrives safely and is received with joy. For more information on our delivery services, read our full terms and conditions here

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