Dried Flowers Melbourne: Preserved Flower Delivery Melbourne

Looking for a dried flowers Melbourne service? Here at Lillypad, we offer the most breathtaking preserved flowers Melbourne collection to surprise and spoil your loved ones. Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation, or anniversary gift, shop our dried flowers Melbourne range today. Dried and preserved flowers are perfect for flora fanatics who just can’t stand watching their beautiful blooms slowly wither away. We’ve curated a fine selection of elegant dried flower arrangements, as well as preserved flower arrangements that we’re certain will contain the perfect bunch for you. Our reliable dried flowers same day delivery Melbourne service will ensure that your flowers will arrive the very same day.

Gorgeous Dried Flowers Melbourne Collection

Choose Lillypad for all your dried flowers Melbourne needs. When we go about assembling a dried flower arrangement or preserved flower arrangement, we only use the best dried flowers and preserved flowers Melbourne has on offer. Our carefully curated collection has many dried flower arrangements in vases so you don’t even have to worry about finding the perfect vase for dried flowers. If you’re looking to buy preserved flowers online, we also offer a beautiful range of various preserved roses encased in glass domes. Preserved flowers make for a great gift for those you cherish in your life as the flowers will last as long as your love for them. Check out our dried flowers online collection, and make use of our same day dried flower delivery service to enjoy one of these preserved flowers Melbourne beauties today. 

What Is The Difference Between Dried And Preserved Flowers?

You may know that dry flowers and preserved flowers last significantly longer than your average bouquet but is there a difference between them? A dried flower is one that has been dehydrated through natural means whilst also maintaining its lovely features. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. One of the most common ways this is typically achieved is by hanging a fresh bunch of flowers upside down in a dark and dry room. Keeping them out of the sun will prevent decolourisation of the petals. The results are stunning, and we absolutely adore assembling dry flower arrangements

As for preserved flowers, fresh flowers have their moisture content replaced by an artificial substitute, usually glycerine. This is done by having the stems of your flowers placed in a mixture of water and glycerine. The flowers will absorb this mixture and help them maintain the aesthetic qualities of real fresh flowers! Browse our range of single roses encased in glass domes to witness the most breathtaking preserved flower Melbourne is offering right now. Our reliable preserved flower delivery Melbourne service will swiftly take care of your order. 

How Long Do Dried Flowers Last?

It entirely depends on a number of circumstances though you can expect your dried flowers to last at least a year. We stock some of the highest quality dried flowers Australia has to offer so you don’t have to worry about them falling apart too quickly! 

Here are a couple of tips on maintaining dried flowers so you can get the most out of them. 

First off, don’t water them. It can be easy to forget sometimes, especially if you have dried flowers in vases, and are accustomed to habitually giving your flowers something to drink. Also, make sure you continue to keep them out of sunlight to help them preserve their colour and stature. It’s really that simple to look after your dried flowers arrangement. If you can’t wait to buy dried flowers, Lillypad offers a same day dried flower delivery service. Get your hands on our stunning dried flowers Melbourne collection pronto!

Add A Gift To Your Preserved Flowers Melbourne Order

Whether you are planning on using our dried flower delivery service to send a gift to a loved one or to simply spoil yourself, then might we interest you in adding little extra additions to your order? On top of gifting a loved one the best dried flowers Melbourne has on offer, we provide small gift options you can choose from. These include delicious chocolates, soft teddy bears, high quality wines and teas, decorative balloons, stunning glassware, and heartfelt gift cards to deliver your gift with a message.

Dried Flowers Same Day Delivery Melbourne

Our courier team operates as efficiently as our expert team of florists to ensure that your flowers are quickly delivered in perfect condition. We’re confident that we assemble some of the best preserved flower arrangements Melbourne has on offer. We also put together dried flower arrangements Melbourne can’t stop talking about. If you’re wanting to buy dried flowers or preserved flowers then order from Lillypad. We live up to the standard of a quality dried flower delivery Melbourne has come to expect. Order before 2pm, and our dried flowers Melbourne same day delivery service will make sure that your flowers will arrive the very same day! What are you waiting for? Scroll up, and browse our collection of dried and preserved flowers now.

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