Caring For Your Wedding Bouquet After The Wedding

Special wedding flower care should be adhered to in preparation for your wedding bouquet preservation. Your wedding flowers are a perishable organic product that is affected by external conditions, thus coming back to our store in their optimum condition will give you an exceptional result. We understand that with such a busy day some damage may occur, though with many blooms to work with the best blooms will be hand picked out for flower preservation.
Lillypads wedding florists carefully treat all our wedding bouqets prior to delivery with a special flower preservative to ensure your flowers hold longer than they naturally would out of water. By caring for them to avoid bruising and browning you will save money by not having to replace damaged blooms for flower preservation. If the majority of your wedding flowers have bruised and browned, you may have to replace all the damaged blooms in order to achieve the best results for flower preservation.


  • After the reception, natural stemmed bridal bouquets can be re-cut again and placed in water.
  • Bouquets in posy holders can be covered with a large plastic bag in its original delivery box and placed carefully into a pre-emptied fridge, (ensure airtight to avoid drying)…this will maintain freshness should you require to preserve and frame your bouquet in the early week. It is best to place the bouquet closer to the door rather than the back of the fridge, it is important the temperature be set between 4 to 7 degrees to avoid damage to blooms.
  • A $65 cash/credit card payment is required for packaging and express freight to the flower preservation company.
  • Simply a credit card number and signature is required for the $150 deposit which the flower preservation company will process.




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