Weddings are a special day and everything must be perfect, especially the flowers – from the important bridal bouquet to buttonholes, arrangements for the ceremony and reception. 
Through the frenzy of the events it is important to learn how to handle and care for your bouquets. They are essential for wedding photos from home to destination locations until the moment you walk into the reception, thus it is in your best interest to help them last through the day.
We treat most flowers with a special preservative to aid with longevity, particularly aiding with days over 20 degrees (it is rare, but on vary rare occasions the chemicals may react with certain blooms on very warm days - creating faint brown patches on more sensistive flowers).  Your bouquets will be delivered in boxes containing water to assist with hydration of your flowers through the wedding day. 
The longevity of flowers will vary greatly between the different varieties of flowers and is based upon the structure and delicacy of its petals and density.


  • Upon delivery, keep your flowers in the coolest part of the house.
  • Keep bouquets in water or in boxed packaging (keep boxes in car during transport to hold up bouquets).
  • Only handle bouquets when absolutely necessary.
  • Handle bouquets as gently as possible to avoid bruising and loosening.
  • Avoid placing bouquets on any surface, keep hand held as much as possible.


Hydration is the key to keeping your flowers fresh. We recommend to keep the bouquet boxes with you in the vehicle so that the bouquets can be placed back in to ‘drink’.  You may simply shake off the excess water or bring along hand towels to towel dry the stems. It is best to avoid water marks on your gowns, although they will disappear once dry.
By taking the extra measures to care for your wedding bouquets you'll be rewarded with perfect blooms to showcase in your wedding photos and wedding bouquet preservation.
If you have any further queries regarding the above care instructions please contact Lillypad with any further queries.

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